mitsuhiro yamagiwa


Deflect repetition, repeat?


I paint from Life.

To me, there is nothing more surreal and nothing more abstract than reality.

I think I have managed to avoid the danger of repetitiveness, because I have devoted more time and attention to the conception of each of my paintings as a variation on one or another of a few themes.

It’s true. I painted more still lifes than landscapes.
And to think that I loved landscape more!
But you had to travel and stay in one place or another.
and then go to back to complete the work.

The most beautiful landscape in the world( I know what it is.)
It is going up towards Grizzana.
At a certain paint (there is a curve there),
when you come out of the curve
there is the most beautiful landscape in the world.
But what do you see?
Just badlands formations.

Giorgio Morandi